IP-Based Virtual Private Network (IP VPN)

IP-Based Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) is a managed IP network service, which enables you to link up your offices and sites in different locations over the world. It is an efficient and secured network for transmission of all types of information, and deployment of real time and mission-critical applications.

Thus, IP VPN optimizes your network through bringing in different business applications such as Wide-Area Network (WAN), Email Server, Intranet, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Video Conferencing. It is also a cost-effective alternative to those earlier cross-border technologies such as International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Frame Relay, without compromise to quality, reliability and security. Therefore, IP VPN offers an excellent option for corporations needing secured, private networks to connect multiple offices across different cities or countries.

The VPN uses Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) technology to connect your offices regionally through a high-speed secure network that requires no expensive investment in dedicated links and physical infrastructure

Using the existing network and peering agreements; we provide extensive coverage to connect your regional offices. By creating virtual “tunnels” for your data, you gain increased bandwidth and speed; greater security through encryption and authentication; and round-the-clock monitoring and technical support.

Secure connectivity between offices and remote users

Whether you have multiple offices and want to connect them or simply want to have remote users connect securely to your office we have a solution for you. Our Managed VPN solution takes the headache out of securely connecting locations and users to your office. Our VPN solutions use military grade encryption ensuring that data is always secure while being transmitted over the public Internet.

Features & Benefits

  • Encryption - All data between offices and users is secured using military grade encryption
  • Multiple Authentication Methods - Our VPN solutions can be connect to existing authentication solutions such as LDAP or Radius, allowing central management of accounts.
  • Logging - Keep an audit log of who logged in and from what IP address for compliance purposes.
  • Firewall rules per user or Branch - Setup different rules for each users or branch allowing you to control who can access what on your network.
  • Redundancy - For larger solutions multiple VPN routers can be installed to provide automatic failover should one fail.